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About Delightful Pastries

Delightful Pastries made Chicagoist's lists of the best doughnuts in Chicago on the strength of their paczki but their exceptional baking goes beyond Polish doughnuts. They also make outstanding breads, danishes, cookies, cakes and other sweets. Try a slice of their marble pound cake with a cup of piping hot black coffee. Delightful Pastries also offers baking classes so you can improve your skills at home. — Chuck Sudo

"The name hits the nail on the head" at this European-style bakery set in Jefferson Park, Old Town and the Loop's French Market where a "lovely staff" serves up "beautiful", "melt-in-your-mouth" pastries, cakes, cookies and more; "amazing breakfast sandwiches" and savory lunch bites supplement the sweets. – Zagat

Pastry & Bakery Shop... established in 1998

Delightful Pastries is a family-owned and operated bakery has been serving delicious home-style European pastries, cakes and baked goodies to our faithful Chicago clientele for more than 10 years. They prepare baked goods and scrumptious pastries with attention to detail using the finest local ingredients according to European baking traditions handed down from generation to generation.


In 1998, Dobra Bielinski and Stasia Hawryszczuk opened the first Delightful Pastries bakery in Jefferson Park on Lawrence with a goal to make authentic European pastries, using as many local ingredients as possible. This mother-daughter team believed that natural ingredients should speak for themselves and shine through without being covered up with sugar.

Delightful Pastries added an additional location in 2009, at the Chicago French Market, 131 N. Clinton St.

Dobra’s brother Robert, also a chef, had been involved in the background since inception but became a managing partner with his partner Nico Hua, a business executive, taking over operation of the French Market location.

Today they are still making all of their products in-house by using the finest and freshest ingredients. They do not add chemicals or preservatives to any of their products. Also, as requested by their clientele, a majority of the pastries are made low-sugar. YOU taste the butter difference.

Our Baking Pledge…

  • We feel strongly that all of our products must reflect our old-world,
    uncompromised baking style.
  • Each and every treat is made with only the finest fresh ingredients, including imported chocolates and homemade sauces, without preservatives.
  • The tastes and smells are made from real, all-natural butter, creams, fruits and vegetables that are procured only from small, top quality Midwestern farms.
  • Our best kept secret is that we use very little sugar and let the all-natural tastes speak for themselves. In fact, you can close your eyes… take a bite of our Black Forest Cake and actually taste the fresh Michigan cherries in every bite.

What our clients say about Delightful Pastries

You and your team are amazing!! Your pastries are absolutely delicious, and your customer service is a model for 99.99% of companies today. The beautiful and delicious pastry tray you created for my dear friend Rosemary’s memorial service was PERFECT. Every morsel was enjoyed and truly echoed Rosemary’s zest for life.
-- Margaret, December 2015

"Perfect, that's what I thought but wanted to be sure. Again, the class was great and I loved making all the cookies."
-- Anne, December 2014

"I wanted to take the time to tell you that I really appreciate the delivery today. Thanks for the wonderful service. All your dishes were a hit!!!"
-- Anne, December 2014

"Tuesday night I stopped into French Market looking to grab something to take home for dinner before I caught my train. I saw what I thought was shepherd’s pie, and the friendly guy saw my intrigue and told me it was Spinach Lamb pie. I thought this would be good, but probably not as good as all the sweets…what bakery could possibly excel at both? I took the two slices home and slowly warmed them in the oven. When my girlfriend arrived home, she opened the door with a wide-eyed look and asked *what* was that delicious smell!? It was delicious. Every bit as good as it smelled. And the sauce. OMG. All the combined flavors were so impressive. I immediately wanted everyone in my family to try it. I will be purchasing that pie again. (Maybe a whole pie this time and dessert too!). Thanks so much!"
-- Laura, November 2013

"Have you been selling your pastries at the farmer's market in Lincoln Square on Tuesday mornings? A few weeks ago I stopped and bought a chocolate donut and, much to my delight, I saw you there again this morning with more chocolate donuts. I just wanted to say that your donut makes me weep. It was so perfectly good!! I haven't had a donut that tastes like that in ages. And the very best news is that my fiancé and I just bought a condo on Lawrence in Jefferson Park. I can't believe my luck that I will be right down the street from you! Thank you for baking so well!"
-- Eileen, November 2013

"Your paczki is divine, the best in Chicago!"
-- Alison, February 2013

"Just wanted to let you know that the cake was fantastic, everyone commented it was the best wedding cake they have had!"
-- Bryan

"I just wanted to tell you that I was in your Old Town Cafe yesterday and it was indeed a delightful experience. I was so happy to discover your seven grain bread with no sugar. I have already eaten almost half of the loaf I purchased. The service was warm and friendly and it was truly a delightful experience. I only found out about this place through someone I was supposed to meet there. I was upset that he didn't show, but it was worth the trip just to experience this place. I can't wait to go back."
-- Peggy

"I just wanted to send you a quick email telling you that the desserts for the event were absolutely wonderful! Everyone seemed to really enjoy them and our gluten free/lactose intolerant folks thought the strawberry rhubarb was really good."
-- Melisa & Erin

"I just want to let you know how much we all enjoyed Emmanuel’s birthday cake. It was one of - if not - the best cake we ever ate!!!! We absolutely loved it!!!"
-- Karen

"My wife and I had looked at several different bakeries by the time we visited Delightful Pastries. Right from the start we were impressed by the organization of Dobra and the Delightful Pastries Team. We had a wedding of 225 people and wanted to make sure that we had enough variety in our desert table to meet the tastes of all of our guests. Whether it was meeting the needs of our gluten free guests or providing exotic European pastries she had a recommendation for every type of desert that we wanted. When it got to be time for the wedding, delivery and setup was right on time, Dobra worked with our wedding coordinator at the location perfectly. As soon as the guests walked into the reception they were amazed by the desert display. So amazed that we had to keep a banquet hall employee guarding the deserts to keep people from eating them before dinner. People rushed the table after dinner devouring the deserts. We had so many compliments on how fresh the pastries tasted and people wanting to know where they could get more. Needless to say we were more than delighted by the Dobra and the Delightful Pastries team. I recommended them to our wedding coordinator and I know she added then to her list of preferred vendors.

From the beginning to end Dobra and the Delightful Pastries team did nothing but exceed our expectations on delivery, taste, selection and professionalism. My wife and I both agreed that if we ever had a big party we would use them again!"
-- Tom and Denelle, Married August 2010

"As a loyal Delightful Pastries patron (both at the French Market and also at the Farmers Market in Wicker Park), I needed to place a last minute order for a 30 piece pastry tray for someone celebrating the completion of their first year with the company. I wanted to ensure that the pastries received would be fresh, so Ryan helped me place an order for next day availability.

When I went to pick up the pastries the next day, Nicole was extremely helpful in ensuring that the pastries were fresh and well packed. Nicole also worked with me to ensure that I had everything else - and even customized an order for me on the spot!

While Nicole had mentioned that the specific instructions from Ryan were to place special care with my order, I wanted to take the time out to ensure that both Ryan and Nicole were commended for their superior service! I hope the appropriate person receives this e-mail to ensure that they are both properly recognized for their efforts.

Needless to say, the pastries were a hit and you were successful in ensuring that my patronage continues into the future.
-- Salil, September 2012

"(...) They absolutely loved the basket you put together for them. I so appreciate and admire your talent and dedication. And, I’m very glad to not have meddled in the details – it was very nice when Katie offered to let me participate, but as I believed you and your team are the experts!"
-- Margaret, September 2012