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Delightful Pastries
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Client Testimonials

"The food was excellent!! It disappeared pretty quickly – I only got to try the mushroom turnovers and they were so good!! We got a lot of compliments the food so I hope some of our other teams will use you in the future!"

-- Nicole

We service weddings and parties at the Copernicus Center venues.

Delightful Pastries Catering Menu

We ask for 72 hours notice on most catering orders but will do our best to fill last minute requests.
Dietary restrictions and preferences can ordinarily be accommodated. Custom inquiries are welcomed. A full payment is required upon placing your order. A cancellation fee (5% of total order) may be applied once the order is finalized and confirmed.

Delivery is available!
A catering director will arrange your pick-up or delivery. Delivery charges will apply. For more information please contact us at where we can assist you in creating a truly delightful event.


* Appetizers *

Quiche Bites $18.00/dz
Vegetable or ham & gruyere.

Caprese Canapés $22.00/dz
Fresh mozzarella with tomates topped with fresh basil

Goat Cheese Canapés $24.00/dz
Roasted beet & walnut pesto.

Roasted Pepper Canapés $20.00/dz
Herbed feta spread & kalamata olives.

All these mini sandwiches are served on a mini croissant:

Mini BLTs $24.00/dz
Peppered bacon, lettuce, tomato and citrus mayo on baguette

Mini Roasted Veggie $24.00/dz
Roasted eggplant, zucchini, squash with basil feta spread

Mini Tuna $24.00/dz
Tuna, artichokes, olives, sundried tomatoes, pickled fennel

Mini Thanksgiving $24.00/dz
Turkey, roasted tomatoes, organic greens, cranberry sauce

Mini Ham $24.00/dz
Polish ham, Swiss, roasted tomatoes, horseradish mustard sauce

Mushroom Turnovers $18.00/dz
Mushroom duxelle in puff pastry

Mini Latkes $20.00/dz
Potato pancakes, apple sauce or herbed sourcream

Deviled Eggs $17.00/dz

Truffled Deviled Eggs $20.00/dz

Baked Brie $20.00
In pastry with apricots and almonds, serves 6-8

* Brunch *

Ham and Gruyere Quiche $45.00
Serves 8-12

Spinach Mushroom Quiche $45.00
Serves 8-12

Potato, Zucchini & Yellow Pepper Frittata $42.00
Serves 12-16

Breakfast Pastry Tray $34.00/small serves 10-12; $49.00/large serves 16-20
Our assortment of mini croissant, danish and muffins

Also available: thick cut peppered bacon, potato-butternut hash, fresh fruit salad

* Specialties *

Salmon En Croute $59.00
Serves 6-8. Baked salmon in pastry with sautéed spinach, salmon and béchamel sauce.

Poached Salmon Side $30.00/lb
With yogurt dill sauce, cucumber, pickled red onion, olives, sunflower rye bread

Spinach Lamb Pie $58.00
Serves 8-12. In French pastry with gruyere béchamel sauce.

Swiss Chard Tart $45.00
Serves 8-12. With red onion, fresh herbs, crème fraiche & parmesan in French pastry.

* Trays & Platters *

Crudités and Dip $29.00/small serves 10-12; $45.00/large serves 16-20
Premium selection of seasonal vegetables with dill yogurt dip.

Fresh Fruit and Berries $45.00/small serves 10-12; $65.00/large serves 16-20

Finger Sandwiches $8.25/person; 8 person miniumum
Our assortment of mini sandwiches including turkey, ham and swiss, prosciutto, tuna, roasted veggie and egg salad.

Pierogi Party Tray $55.00
30 pieces of pierogi w/ caramelized onion and sauce of your choice.
3 Flavors: Cheese & Potato, Mushroom & Sauerkraut, Meat
2 Sauces: Tzatziki Sauce OR Sour Cream

Petite Pastry Tray $45.00/small; $90.00/large
An assortment of petit pastries such as éclairs, fruit tarts, tira mi su, pana cotta, chocolate mousse and berry cup, cannoli, financier etc.

International Cookie Tray $00.00
A fabulous tray filled with Czech kolaczki, Viennese almond crescents, meringues, Italian rainbow cookies, gingerbread cookies, linzers, Christmas mice, rum balls, Mexican wedding cookies and sugar cookies.

Brownie Tray $30.00/small; $60.00/large
A 40/80 piece sampler of our assorted bars. Perfect for a random gathering or casual party setting!

Gluten Free Cookie Tray $40.00
Assorted French macarons, peppermint meringues, coconut macaroons, pecan raisin chocolate cups, boozy coconut macaroons and chocolate pebbles fill this delicious tray. You will not miss the gluten.

* Salad Platters *

Serve 5-6 as an entree or 12-18 as a side

Winter Salad$50.00
Arugula, butternut squash, roasted beets, oranges, spiced walnuts, maple mustard vinaigrette

Greek Salad $55.00
Cucumber, roasted peppers, tomato, picked red onion, mixed greens, feta, olive, greek herb vinaigrette

House Salad $40.00
Mixed greens, fresh and pickled vegetables, nuts and seeds, lemon vinaigrette

Prices and ingredients subject to market availability. Updated 2/12/2016