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Client Testimonials

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for my macaroon order last week! They were a HUGE hit!!! The blue ones were beautiful and the two shades of pink were perfect! Thank you very much."

-- Brit

Gluten Free Delights
Our authentic recipes fit every lifestyle. We create delicious specialties with nuts instead of flour, making them completely gluten free.

Macarons $24/lbs. mix and match any flavor

French macarons available in a variety of flavors. Some flavors and varieties are seasonal or for a limited time only.
Jefferson Park location ONLY. Offer valid through October 31, 2017

Gluten Free Delights

  • Pistachio Macarons
    Delicious moist almond macarons sandwiched with pistachio butter cream.
  • Raspberry Macarons
    Delicious moist almond macarons sandwiched with raspberry jam.
  • Passion Fruit Macarons
    Delicious moist almond macarons sandwiched with passion fruit jam made from scratch.
  • Chocolate Macarons
    Delicious moist almond macarons sandwiched with Belgian bittersweet chocolate ganache.
  • Marzipan Macarons
    Delicious moist almond macarons sandwiched with marzipan.
  • Caramel Macarons
    Delicious almond macarons sandwiched with caramel made from scratch.
  • Coconut Macarons
    Moist macarons that fill that coconut craving, plain and dipped in chocolate.
  • Vodka Coconut Macarons
    Coconut meringue topped with vodka buttercream and dipped in chocolate.
  • Merengue
    A delicious fat-free and gluten-free dessert
  • Pecan Rochers
    Meringues mixed with nuts which give it an extra delicious crunch.
  • Chocolate Nut Pebbles
    Chocolate cookies filled with pecans, crunch on the outside but moist on the inside
  • Maple Almond Granola
    Our homemade granola, made with Wisconsin maple syrup, filled with cornflakes, almonds and cranberries.
  • Pecan Caramel Turtles
    Vanilla bean caramel topped with bittersweet Belgian chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate.
  • Pâte de Fruit
    Traditional French fruit jellies made in blood orange, raspberry and passion fruit flavors.