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TimeOut Chicago

The best restaurants in Portage Park March 1, 2017

From burgers to pierogis, Portage Park's restaurant scene offers up delicious dishes that are worth a trip.

Traditionally a Polish neighborhood, Portage Park's culinary scene still retains much of its working-class charm—the food may not exactly be picture-perfect, but it's hearty and delicious. Walk along Milwaukee Avenue and you'll find coffee shops that are also antique stores, hot dog stands serving mean Chicago-style red hots and an upscale restaurant with killer burgers. Find something filling with our guide to the best restaurants in Portage Park.

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-- by Elizabeth Atkinson

Celebrate Paczki Day at Delightful Pastries today!! They may have the best paczki in town - in Jefferson Park! February 28, 2017

PACZKI DAY at Delightful Pastries... it's just gotten bigger and bigger every year!!!

-- by Jon Hansen, You & Me

Foodseum Films: Delightful Pastries February 13, 2017

Jefferson Park - Delightful Pastries is one of the
Chicago’s best bakeries by Thrillist Chicago.

Learn more about Dobra Bielinski and Delightful Pastries, a polish bakery serving wonderful desserts and pastries to Chicagoans for nearly 20 years. Foodseum and Callebaut Chocolate partnered to bring you these Great ChocolateStories from some of Chicago's top pastry chefs.

-- by Foodseum

The Best Bakery in 20 Chicago Neighborhoods November 6, 2016

Jefferson Park - Delightful Pastries is one of the
Chicago’s best bakeries by Thrillist Chicago.

"Unlike most Chicago-area bakeries, which only bring out the pączki once a year, this European shop offers the traditional Polish pastry year-round for your enjoyment. The treats come in flavors like plum jelly and custard-filled, and share the stage with everything from apricot kolaczki to blueberry turnovers. Even if you're not in the Jefferson Park area, you can get your fix at the bakery's French Market location."

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-- by Kailley Lindman

Breads, Cakes and Pastries in Chicago: Where to Find the Best October 24, 2016

Delightful Pastries have been picked as one of the best bakeries in Chicago.

"Cookies, pies, pastries, breads — oh my. Chicago has no shortage of sweet sweet baked goods, so eaters with a sweet tooth, this map's for you. From old-school shops to newer cheffy trendy spots with cafes, from North Side to South Side, the city is full of places that combine sugar, butter, flour, and other ingredients to make you and your loved ones oh so happy."

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-- by Daniel Gerzina and Jeffy Mai

10 Outstanding International Bakeries in Chicago to Try Right Now, Mapped October 25, 2016

Delightful Pastries have been picked as one of the best bakeries in Chicago.

"Chicago's dining scene is second to none, thanks in large part to the city's diversity. Many different cultures comprise our neighborhoods and with it, lots of variety when it comes to food. Sweets are no exception and while a slice of cake or some chunky chocolate chip cookies are always nice, there are also plenty of underrated treats to be discovered. Whether you grew up on egg tarts and pączki or are just trying them for the first time, these international bakeries offer traditional goodies that any first-generation grandmother would be proud of."

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-- by Jeffy Mai

Chicago Doughnut Guide: Where to Eat Fried Dough February 15, 2016

"Mornings can be a real struggle but we're here to help you get a sugar-fueled start to the day. Doughnuts have long been a breakfast staple but a recent surge in popularity has made Chicago home to many of the country's best shops. Whether it's an old fashioned or a Long John, these spots have what you need to satiate that sweet tooth. Listed in alphabetical order."

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Delightful Pastries

A family-run bakery specializing in home-style European pastries is a good bet to make some exceptional doughnuts. The shop offers paczki all year round so that you don’t have to wait until Fat Tuesday to get your favorite Polish doughnuts filled with jelly and custard.

-- Chicago Eater, by Jeffy Mai

5NBC Chicago

Chicagoans Celebrate Paczki Day 2016February 9, 2016

Chicagoans lined up to get their Fat Tuesday treats in Chicago.

-- 5NBC Chicago, by Kye Martin

abc 7 NEWS

Delightful Pastries to produce over 50,000 paczkiFebruary 7, 2016

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Super Bowl may be on Sunday, but for local Polish observers, the Super Bowl of pastries is already underway.

"Paczki Day" took place Thursday in the heart of the Polish community, but another wave comes on Fat Tuesday next week.

Our Hungry Hound Steve Dolinsky visited one of the city's premier sources of paczki, where they're producing upwards of 50,000 of them over the next few days.

Dobra Bielinski would prefer you not call them doughnuts. She and her family are knee-deep in paczki this weekend at Delightful Pastries in Jefferson Park, supplying three stores with tens of thousands of the traditional fried dough treats.

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-- abc 7 Eye Witness News, by Steve Dolinsky


In February, Chicago goes crazy for 'paczki' as donuts go gourmet February 6, 2016

Chicagoans this month are less obsessed with badmouthing Mayor Rahm Emanuel or worries about their sports teams, and more focused on finding the perfect “paczki,” a rich, Polish, donut-type dessert that's taking the high-end dessert market by storm.

Long a staple treat preceding the Catholic fasting period of Lent, the pastries, a no-hole, denser and richer version of the donut, have exploded in popularity in recent years far beyond Chicago's large Polish community to a growing number of high-end, specialty donut shops, bakers and food experts say.

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-- Reuters, by Mary Wisniewski

Red Tricycle

Paczki Day! Where to Buy Your New Favorite Treat February 4, 2016

Get your kids in on the super sweet Fat Tuesday fun. Start at local bakeries that sell paczki (pronounced “poonch-key”). The traditional Polish filled donuts symbolize the start of Lent and are a must-eat. But you have to act fast: They’re typically available for one day only. This year Paczki Day is Tuesday, February 9, and we’ve got you covered with a guide to great bakeries from Oak Park to Bridgeport so you can stock up and go wild.

-- Red Tricycle

DNAinfo Chicago

Chicago Celebrates Mardi Gras with Polish “Paczki” Doughnut January 26, 2016

Delightful Pastries company, known as Chicago’s largest producer of authentic Polish paczki, offers a different menu annually for Mardi Gras, on Tuesday, February 9 this year. The family-owned and operated bakery and café will begin to churn out thousands of housemade paczki per day to prepare for the massive demand on Fat Tuesday.

Originally created for cooks to use up their lard and eggs that were prohibited during Lent, paczki is now one of the most popular sweet treats eaten to celebrate Mardi Gras. Different from a doughnut, paczki is made up of a large ball of dough rich in eggs, deep fried and stuffed with a wide variety of fillings. Each paczki is traditionally topped with a sugar glaze or dusted with powdered sugar.

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-- Local Food Eater Blog

DNAinfo Chicago

Paczki Day in Chicago: Map of Where to Buy the Polish Treats February 3, 2016

CHICAGO — Some cities celebrate Fat Tuesday by throwing wild, booze-soaked parties. In Chicago, we just eat a lot of paczki.

The Polish pastries — sometimes translated as "doughnut" and always interpreted as "delicious" — are essentially fried dough filled with flavored cream and topped with powered sugar, though there are certainly creative variations on the pastry depending on where you buy them.

With Paczki Day around the corner, we wanted to make sure you knew where they can be found on Tuesday, Feb. 9.

Paczki Day, like Fat Tuesday, is a Christian tradition where worshippers share in a night of revelry or pastry eating before beginning the Lenten season of fasting and discipline.

Dozens of bakeries citywide are selling the treats. Many of city's trendy, upscale doughnut shops have also gotten into the game as well.

Classic flavors like strawberry, blueberry and custard are found throughout the city, but some bakeries have gotten quite inventive with flavors, including "toast n jam" at Lincoln Square's Baker Miller. Delightful Pastries will offer booze-infused paczkis at its three city locations, and is even offering a paczki-making class.

Check out the map below to find paczki near you. Many bakeries suggest calling ahead to make sure you have your pick of toppings or to even place an order ahead of time, but all of these shops said they'll have paczki for sale through Fat Tuesday.

-- DNAinfo Chicago, By Joe Ward and Tanveer Ali

TimeOut Chicago

Paczki Day 2015: Chicago bakery ready to crank out 50,000 donutsFebruary , 2015

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Today is "Fat Tuesday" and in Chicago, that means paczkis!

Delightful Pastries + Cafe in Chicago's Jefferson Park neighborhood said they're ready to crank out over 50,000 paczkis using a recipe that's has been in the family for generations.

-- abc 7 Eye Witness News

TimeOut Chicago

10 Places To Find PaczkiFebruary , 2015

From traditional fruit- and custard-filled paczki to versions stuffed with booze, these are the best Polish pastries to scarf down before Lent.

It wouldn’t be Fat Tuesday without a paczki (pronounced "poonch-key"), the eggy, yeasty and round Polish pastry. In Poland, Paczki Day is tradtionally Fat Thursday, the Thursday before Fat Tuesday, and this year that falls on February 12. But lots of bakeries are offering them through Fat Tuesday and beyond. Here’s where to find everything from traditional fillings to boozy paczki.


--Splash Chicago (A Chicago Sun-Times Publication), by Selena Fragassi

The 8 Best Places For Paczki in Chicago (And When to Get It) February , 2015

Officially the only worthwhile fake February holiday (sorry, Plum Pudding Day), National Paczki Day -- Chicago's most Polish donut-y celebration on record -- goes down this February 17th, which means it's just about time to stock up. Here are the eight best places to do that in Chicago, and when.

Note: Some of these are traditional and some of them aren’t, but all of them are deep-fried and packed with sugar and lard. And really, that's all that matters, isn't it?


-- Thrillist

Delightful Pastries + Café Brings Chicagoans Authentic Paczki On Fat TuesdayJanuary , 2015

Lake Michigan is to Chicago as Paczki Day is to Delightful Pastries + Café, synonymous. Highly coveted in the Chicagoland market, acquiring a Paczki from Delightful Pastries + Café on Paczki Day is comparable to scoring Blackhawks tickets. And this victory is a sweet one. Paczki are fried yeast donuts with assorted fillings and they historically symbolize the start of Lent. This year Paczki Day is on Tuesday, February 17 and owner Dobra Bielinski and her team are already gearing up to crank out over 50,000 paczki using a recipe that has been in the family for over five generations.


-- Chicago Food Magazineion

National Croissant Day

January , 2015

Delightful Pastries brings croissants to the show to celebrate this delicious day.

-- You & Me This Morning, WCIU-TV

10 Chicago spots offer unique takes on the morning mealJanuary , 2015

No matter their political views, their baseball rivalries or their neighborhood loyalties, Chicagoans can agree on one thing: Brunch is the most important meal of the day. Yet with so many delicious options, how does one ever decide where to dine? Here, we pick 10 unique spots and highlight their Sunday best, from the healthiest menu to the best morning brew.

Booze-Infused: Delightful Pastries + Café

If the doughnut craze hasn’t made you woozy enough, check out European-inspired Delightful Pastries + Café’s new alcohol-infused treats, including a vodka custard doughnut made with Grey Goose, a chocolate whiskey doughnut infused with Jameson or a lemon Moonshine doughnut with shots of Ole Smokey Tennessee Moonshine ($3.25 each). Varieties of boozy cupcakes, cookies and pies are also available, as is a full brunch menu with specialties like quiche, apple pancakes, pierogies and smoothies — just nibble responsibly.


--Splash Chicago (A Chicago Sun-Times Publication), by Selena Fragassi

20 Must-Try Winter Dishes Around ChicagoJanuary , 2015

We have a couple of choice words for this cold front: "Go away." The upside to the low temperatures is that it's the perfect weather for hearty chiles, rotisserie meats for two, decadent drinking chocolate and other essentials dishes to help get you though this winter.

Three Piggly Wiggly Sandwich at Delightful Pastries & Café

Gaining a reputation as the ultimate hangover cure, this sandwich is packed with pig three ways — layers of polish ham, crispy bacon and pan-fried pork cutlet on a buttered everything bun with a choice of three sauces.


-- Zagat, by Sarah Freeman

CBS Chicago

Made In Chicago: Delightful PastriesDecember, 2014

(CBS) – It’s been a neighborhood bakery in Jefferson Park for more than a 100 years. For the last 16 years, Dobra Bielinski and her family have carried on the Polish tradition.

“Our customers are people who love great baked goods,” Bielinski said.

Bielinski and her family run Delightful Pastries and know most of their customers by name.

“We have customers from the neighborhood but we also have customers from Buffalo Grove. We have people from Whiting, Indiana. We have people from all over the place wanting to take goodies home with them.”


-- CBS Chicago (Lisa Fielding)

TimeOut Chicago

Where to find the best bakery treats in Chicago September, 2014

From an Evanston bakery making great bread to ethnic spots serving cookies and other treats, Delightful Pastries is one of the 10 best Chicago bakeries.

Many of Delightful’s devotees swear by the Polish-inflected specialties, such as bismarck-like paczki and rum-soaked babka, which appear on its shelves each year in the lead-up to Easter. And to be sure, these items are winners, but there’s more to this shop than a few seasonal treats.


-- TimeOut Chicago by Cate Huguelet

CBS Chicago

“Best Coffee Shops To Work From Home In Chicago”September, 2014

"A great little escape in the middle of Old Town, Delightful Pastries’ name actually doesn’t say it all because there’s also free WiFi, around eight tables and a long counter at which to work and the menu is delightful. Expect fresh-baked pastries and bread; breakfast items like omelets, eggs Benedict, carrot cake, pancakes and quiche; salads, sandwiches, soup and even fresh pierogis. Try getting that at your corporate coffee stop. You can find a table and really settle in for the day, with enough variety to keep you satisfied and motivated to work.

-- CBS Chicago (Best Of section in the Food & Drink category)

Explore the Fork Chicago

“If you are looking for a little taste of heaven”July, 2014


-- Explore The Fork by Stone Siegel

There’s Still Time For Paczki! March, 2014

"I made the trek on Saturday to Delightful Pastries in Jefferson Park to satisfy my annual pączki fix. I almost didn’t go, but was determined get out of the house. The power of powdered sugar is greater than powdered snow. Am I right? (...)"


-- Chicago Bites by Tammy Green

Bakeries Prep for Fat Tuesday Paczki Rush March 3, 2014

Bakeries busy filling orders for a tradition that dates back centuries.


-- 5 NBC Chicago by LeeAnn Trotter reports.

Paczki Making At Delightful Pastries February 26, 2014

"We spent a lovely morning with Dobra Bielinski at Delightful Pastries in Chicago. Dobra and her crew were busy making the Polish specialty paczki. Paczki Day is celebrated Fat Thursday in Poland and on Fat Tuesday in the United States. Stop by Delightful Pastries early for the best selection."

-- Food Travelist

They’re Polish and Full of Moonshine February 26, 2014

Three reasons to eat paczki next week: Casimir Pulaski Day. Fat Tuesday. Paczki Day.
Three reasons to eat the paczki at Delightful Pastries next week: Moonshine. Vodka. Irish whiskey. All of which will be lacing the custards in their paczki.
Settled: You’re buying the office Polish donuts.

-- The Weekender

Paczki Gets Into the Ring this WeekFebruary 24, 2014

If you love donuts but need a holiday to enjoy them, this is your week to enjoy paczki, the Polish raised donut filled with fruit or custard (sometimes even infused with booze!) and topped with powdered sugar or whipped cream.


-- By Robyn Nisi

Paczki at Delightful Pastries in Chicago February 26, 2014

Wait, what? You don't know what pączki are? I'm flabbergasted! Any card-carrying Chicagoan is required to know what pączki and Pączki Day are. After all, didn't Ditka call us a bunch of Grabowskis? I wear the moniker proudly.


--, Restrant Reviews (Kurman Communications)

Paczki Day: Discover the Ten Secrets to Delightful PaczkiFebruary 26, 2014

The perfect paczki which will be on tables everywhere come Paczki Day (Fat Tuesday), March 4, are an indulgence worth pursuing. 


-- Chicago Now Blogger, by Carole Kuhrt Brewer

Delightful Pastries Celebrates Paczki Day & a New Brunch MenuFebruary 26, 2014

Upon entering Delightful Pastries, located on Wells St. in Old Town, you are greeted by countless flattering sweets. But in the midst of the eclairs, carrot cakes, fruit tarts, danishes, and pistachio shortbread cookies, Delightful keeps things fresh by incorporating seasonal items. Being that it is almost Fat Tuesday, Delightful is starring a famous Polish dessert: Paczki's.


-- Chicago Now Blogger, BitesFromMe2U by Lauren

The Three Piggly Wiggly Sandwich by chef/partner Robert HawryszczukFebruary 4, 2014

At Delightful Pastries' Wells St. location in Chicago, the most popular sandwich on weekends is the Three Piggly Wiggly.


-- Restaurant Hospitality - Food & Drink (Kurman Communications)

Delightful Pastries Treats A Welcome Addition to Your Valentine's Menu February 4, 2014

February is the perfect time to celebrate great pastries and Delightful Pastries with its three Chicago area locations (Old Town, Chicago French Market and Jefferson Park) is your go-to spot for picking up gifts that are sure to please your significant other.


-- Kurman News, Community Contributor

Delightful Pastries is being named one of the best shopping destinations in Chicago by ZAGATDecember , 2013

"The name hits the nail on the head" at this European-style bakery set in Jefferson Park, Old Town and the Loop's French Market where a "lovely staff" serves up "beautiful", "melt-in-your-mouth" pastries, cakes, cookies and more; "amazing breakfast sandwiches" and savory lunch bites supplement the sweets.


-- Zagat Survey, Chicago

The 12 Best Bakeries In ChicagoDecember 11, 2013

While we could have listed more of our favorites we decided to narrow our picks for the best bakeries in Chicago to an even dozen.

(...) Delightful Pastries made Chicagoist's lists of the best doughnuts in Chicago on the strength of their paczki but their exceptional baking goes beyond Polish doughnuts. They also make outstanding breads, danishes, cookies, cakes and other sweets. Try a slice of their marble pound cake with a cup of piping hot black coffee. Delightful Pastries also offers baking classes so you can improve your skills at home. —Chuck Sudo


-- By Staff in Food, Chicagoist

Shripm Sandwich - Delightful Pastries

Delightful Pastries: An Enjoyable Healthy Eating Experience in ChicagoOctober 25, 2013

Is it at all possible to combine the words "nutritious" and "bakery" into a single sentence? Believe it or not, it is!

(...) I was pleased to discover that Delightful Pastries uses premium ingredients in all their preparations in an effort to boost the overall nutritional quality of foods that would otherwise be quite unhealthy.


-- Complete Health Solutions, L3C by Dr. Nina Cherie Franklin

Paczki Day in Chicago: Polish tradition, Fat Tuesday IndulgenceFebruary 12, 2013

-- ABC 7 News

Duration: (2:25)

Lunchbreak: How to make ‘drunkin donuts’February 17, 2013

-- 190 North

Alcoholic Donuts? Chicago Bakery Delightful Pastries Serves Up Booze-Filled Treats November 15, 2012

-- The Huffington Post

Let Us Now Praise Paczki February 15, 2012

Before Fat Tuesday, there was Fat Thursday. Not in an historical sense— it's just that tomorrow is Polish Fat Tuesday, Tlusty Czwartek, and the Sun-Times has a piece on one of the things that makes living in a heavily Polish city cool— paczki.

...

-- Michael Gebert

** Grub Street Chicago. Daily food news from

Around the World in Cookies December 6, 2011

Luckily, there are pleasantly ubiquitous traditions that are a delight to welcome back every December. For most families, holiday cookie baking is the prime example. (...)

At Delightful Pastries in Jefferson Park, owner Dobra Bielinski has made it her mission to stock the retro bakery cases with as many types of globally inspired cookies as she can. After a childhood spent in Poland, Vienna and South Africa, Bielinski has acquired a distinctly international approach to holiday treats. (...)

...

-- Kate Bernot

** A Chicago free-lance writer

Delightful Pastries' Delightful Tea October 3, 2011

(...) Chef Dobra Bielinski wants to introduce mini pastries to Americans, since similar sweet tables with selections of almost too-pretty-to-eat pastries are
popular throughout Europe.
“I like mini pastries because they afford you the ability to choose,” she says. For guests at Delightful Pastries, choices include classic Italian tiramisu,
caramel panna cotta with Michigan sour cherry compote, lemon mousse parfait with blueberries and chocolate mousse topped with fresh berries." ... Read more...

-- Amber Gibson

** Joonbug

Homemade chocolate treats from Old Town's Delightful Pastry and Bakery CafeSeptember 11, 2011

September 1, 2011 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- No need to be a master pastry chef to make scrumptious chocolate treats at home. Chef Dobra Bielinski of Delightful Pastry and Bakery Cafe shares her tricks and recipes to make chocolate truffles, chocolate cream pie and chocolate Liegeois.

** abc7 News

Duration: (5:22)

WGN Radio's Saturday Morning Show August , 2011

-- Sharon and Robert


Food Detective: Perfecting Paczki March 1, 2011

"(...) I've had her paczki on several occasions - they're fabulous - and so I asked Bielinski to describe the perfect paczek (pronounced pohn-check, the singular form of paczki).

"The perfect paczek has just the right ratio of dough to jelly: 4 to 1," she says. "The dough is not too sweet and has body so that it doesn't collapse into a pancake with one bite. After frying, it has a gorgeous hazelnut color, not the pale gold of a Krispy Kreme. The doughnut should be subtly flavored with orange and lemon oil." Read more...

-- David Hammond

** Sun-Times Media, LLC

More vendors join Chicago French Market lineup October 16, 2009

"Mon dieu! Eight years of developing and delays aside, the Chicago French Market continues to surpass our expectations, and it's not even opening until mid-November. The European-inspired, year-round indoor market, which will encompass 15,000 square feet in the Ogilvie Metra station, has added 16 more local vendors to its roster. They include Delightful Pastries, whose Fat Tuesday paczki are, for lack of better words, the bomb..."

-- Janet Fulleron

** Digging in - Blog Chicago Sun-Times Tasty morsels about Chicago's food scene.

Delightful Polish pastries on the NW SideDecember 3, 2008

"CHICAGO (WLS) -- With the holiday season upon us, bakeries are busy, but our Hungry Hound realizes there's much more than just cakes and cookies around town.

Over the next four Wednesdays, the Hungry Hound is taking a unique look at some of the best ethnic bakeries in Chicago...

(...)You wouldn't have to guess too hard to figure out what kind of bakery Delightful Pastries is. Located on the Western edge of Jefferson Park, most of the customers are Polish. But that doesn't mean everything on the shelves is from Poland.

"The bakery is truly a European bakery, because we have products from France, we make products that are German, we make products that are Austrian, Polish and Czech, and of course American," said Dobra Bielinski, Delightful Pastries." Read more...

-- Steve Dolinsky

** abc7 News

The Polish PatisserieJune 22, 2007

"(… )For nearly a decade, Bielinski has been the proprietress of
Delightful Pastries, a cozy European bakery in Jefferson Park. A onetime employee of Gale Gand, she's meticulous about her food, sourcing fresh ingredients from local producers as much as possible. Her butter and heavy cream come from Wisconsin and Illinois; apples, cherries, blueberries, peaches, rhubarb, and raspberries from small family farms in southwest Michigan; and vegetables form southern Illinois." Read more...

-- Alan Mommoser

** Chicago Reader

Delightful Pastries Comes to Old Town... with ChocolateNovember 16, 2009

"The second outpost of Delightful Pastries, Dobra Bielinski and Stasia Hawyrszczuk's European-inspired enterprise, opened in Old Town last Friday. Unlike the Jefferson Park location, the Old Town space is a cafe that is at once expansive and cozy. It already seemed, early on Sunday morning, to be part of the morning routine of people from the neighborhood who settled in for pastry and coffee with their families and newspapers." Read more...

-- Sharon Bautista

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